Free November Events

Hibernators of Wisconsin!

Saturday, November 9th from 1pm. Meet at the Nature Center.

Some animals have the luxury of skipping the harsh winter weather by snoozing away in cozy dens and other homes. Come and learn about some of these sleepy animals that practice different forms of hibernation during winter. We will play a trivia game called “who’s Hibernating”, and then we’ll go on a short hike to see which animals are sleeping and which ones are still awake here in the park.


Survival Without a Smartphone!

Saturday November 16th, 1PM @ the Willow River Nature Center.

If you’ve ever gotten lost before the dawn of the smartphone, then you know the most important thing that got you out of the situation: Your wits and will to survive. Today, most people don’t know which direction they're facing unless their smartphone or GPS tells them, nor do they know how to handle themselves once they find they are no longer within range of service in order to ask Siri how to get back home. As the years go by technology has become our go to because its fast, easy and efficient. But because of this, people no longer know how to tap into survival mode when a situation takes a turn for the worst. We can help you with that. Come learn about surviving in the wilderness without your smartphone.

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Turkey Bingo Bonanza!

Saturday, November 23rd 1pm At Willow River Nature Center.

Join us at the Nature Center for a TURK-tacular day all about Wisconsin's’ famous Thanksgiving bird. We’ll learn some interesting facts about turkeys, find out if it’s easier to eat a turkey VS. eating like a turkey, then we’ll play Turkey Bingo (similar to traditional Bingo) with small prizes available for participants who are not afraid to “gobble” at the competition! This is a great family activity to enjoy as we get ready for the tastiest holiday of the year!


Don’t Forget About Our Preschool Young Naturalist Classes!

Every Tuesday or Wednesday from 10-11am bring your preschooler (ages 3-5) to the Nature Center to learn about all things Nature!

Classes include hikes, games, crafts, story time and more! Always come dressed for the weather and with plenty of water. 


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All events are FREE to attend (unless otherwise noted) but park admission is required. For more information on a certain event please call 715-386-9340 or email

These programs are sponsored by the Friends of Willow River and Kinnickinnic State Park, Inc.


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