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Naturalist Classes

Looking for a great way to get outdoors and in touch with nature? Look no further, we have classes for children AND folks of all ages depending on the season!


Preschool Young Naturalist Classes

Children need nature.

There's no better time to start influencing the importance of the natural environment than now.

These classes are geared towards 3-5 year olds and take place weekly from 10am-11am on Wednesday and Thursday (whichever day works best for your family) throughout the fall and winter. 

Each week the kiddos will learn about wildlife and the natural environment through games, arts and crafts, hikes, stories and more!  

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Summer Naturalist Classes

Classes are held weekly on Wednesdays from 10:00am-Noon in June, July and August.

Classes are open to individuals and families with children of all ages. But please note that some classes may not be suitable for children under the 6-8 age range. 

Each month there will be a major theme we'll focus on, but we will learn something new together each week:

June: Themed ID hikes on various trails throughout the park 

July: Kayaking, fishing and other outdoor sports/skills 

August: Nature Crafts 

Registration for 2024 Summer Naturalist Class will open in MAY 2024

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